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Hiko Electrical are expert solar panel and systems installers delivering trusted residential, lite commercial and high-quality solar solutions across the Bay of Plenty.

Residential Solar

We strongly support clean, efficient, and renewable energy. Our expertise in solar installations and servicing in the Bay of Plenty enables us to assist you in harnessing solar power.

Count on us to guide you through various solar options and tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

Commercial Solar

As dedicated advocates of clean, efficient, and renewable energy, we specialize in installing commercial solar power systems. Our wealth of experience in solar installations and service spans the Bay of Plenty.

Let us assist you in harnessing solar power tailored to your specific needs, offering guidance on various solar options.

Installation & Maintenance

Hiko Electrical excels in the seamless installation and expert maintenance of solar power systems. Our dedicated team ensures your sustainable energy solution is not only efficiently installed but also maintained for optimal performance.

Trust us for reliable and comprehensive solar services.

Need Help Finding Which Solar Power Solution You Need?

Whether you are thinking about a new build, a renovation, house maintenance or upgrading, we will work with you to offer appropriate and innovative products and solutions to fit with your home and your lifestyle.

Solar Panels

We only use solar panels of the highest quality

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Solar Inverters

We have a range of ultra-modern solar inverters

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CHris Prince - Owner of Hiko Electrical, Hiko Solar, and Hiko Air.

Why Choose Us?

We excel in our work, ensuring your confidence in our abilities. Count on us to share our expertise, address your inquiries, and provide reliable solutions.

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Our Services

Whether you are thinking about a new build, a renovation, house maintenance or upgrading, we will work with you to offer appropriate and innovative products and solutions to fit with your home and your lifestyle.

Finance Your Solar System

Financing your solar system through Hiko Electrical is both easy and affordable. By utilizing a financing option, you can save on energy costs immediately and reap the long-term benefits of solar power. Reach out to us today to discover how you can make the switch to solar energy with Hiko Electrical.

Our Products

Explore cutting-edge solar solutions at Hiko Solar. Our product lineup includes high-performance solar panels, advanced solar inverters, and reliable solar batteries. Elevate your energy efficiency and embrace sustainability with our top-quality solar products.

Solar Panels

Vertex Solar

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Solar Inverters

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Solar Batteries

Victron Lithium

12v - 24v

Energizer Solar Storage

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The Best Solar Company We’ve Ever Worked With – Jenny Hadfield

Hi there. I chose an electrician ( Chris) from Hiko who is not only very professional but also is good at solar system running. If your house is using solar energy and has any problems with the solar system or any power problems in the house. He can solve the problems for you. Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback.

Morag MacKenzie

Great service all round. Office Manager extremely polite and helpful. Technician was friendly and efficient. Explained what he was doing with helpful suggestions for future servicing. Exemplary company. Would definitely use again.

Robert Smith

I would highly recommend Hiko Electrical. Their electrician was knowledgeable, diligent and efficient and her apprentice was enthusiastic, willing and capable. The work they did for us was of a high standard. We will definitely use Hiko again.

Dianne Beattie

Great service, friendly staff. The job was completed quickly and efficiently. I recommend them to anyone and I would certainly use them again.

Chris Slater

What a great business to deal with. Excellent communication and next to no waiting to get my job booked in. Hamu did a cracking job installing my air con and left my place spotless. I’ll certainly use Hiko Electrical again. Thanks guys

Nancy Karauria

This was my first time experience using this business, I found them really helpful with their knowledge and willingness to help, and I definitely will be using them in the future and recommending them to others thanks guys.

Learnna Deane

I used the Hiko team recently to hang a new chandelier in my home. It was a challenging job, as it was hung in a difficult location (in a high stairwell).
Ben from Hiko did a great job and made it all look easy! He was very helpful and accommodating to help get it perfectly placed and installed. Nothing was a problem. I can highly recommend Ben and the Hiko team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we address common questions about solar power systems, installations, maintenance, and more. Find answers to your queries and gain insights into harnessing the power of the sun for your energy needs.

How does solar power work, and what are its benefits?

Solar power works by converting sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic cells. Its benefits include reducing electricity bills, lowering carbon footprint, and providing energy independence.

What factors should I consider when choosing a solar power system?
When choosing a solar power system, consider factors such as your energy needs, available roof space, budget, solar panel efficiency, warranties, and installer reputation.
What is the installation process for a solar power system?
The installation process typically involves site assessment, design, permitting, mounting solar panels, wiring, and connecting to the electrical grid or battery storage system.
How long does it take to install a solar power system?
Installation time can vary depending on factors like system size, complexity, and local regulations. Generally, it takes a few days to a few weeks.
What maintenance is required for a solar power system?
Solar power systems require minimal maintenance. Periodic cleaning of solar panels and inspection of components for damage or debris buildup is recommended.
How can I ensure optimal performance and efficiency of my solar panels?
To ensure optimal performance, keep solar panels clean, trim shading trees or obstructions, monitor energy production, and schedule professional inspections as needed.
What warranties and guarantees does Hiko Solar offer for their solar installations?
Hiko Solar offers comprehensive warranties and guarantees for their installations, covering equipment, workmanship, and performance.
Can I integrate solar power with my existing electrical system?
Yes, Hiko Solar can integrate solar power with your existing electrical system, ensuring seamless operation and compatibility.
How does Hiko Solar ensure quality and reliability in their solar installations?
Hiko Solar maintains quality and reliability through experienced installers, premium components, adherence to industry standards, and ongoing customer support.
What financing options are available for installing a solar power system with Hiko Solar?
Hiko Solar provides various financing options, including purchase, leasing, or power purchase agreements (PPAs), to make solar installations accessible and affordable for customers.

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